Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Insulated Backpack

The other week I walked into T.K.Max with my sister and fellow Blogger Shanna. I actually do not remember what we originally went in for? But it was one of those visits where you nip in for one thing and come out empty bank account.... 

While I was busy checking out the skinny syrups in the coffee isle Shanna had spied the outdoor utensils and called me from two isles over. "Holly!" Naturally I came running (as it doesn't take much). "Check this out, how cute is this?" Now I love backpacks, but I didn't NEED another backpack, so my first thought was 'aww but I don't really need this?' and then she did something that became a game changer. She opened up the backpack and inside everything was insulated! It wasn't just a backpack, it was a cooler! 

I toyed back and forth whether it was a good idea or not to purchase, as I had enough bags. The one thing I didn't have was a sufficient one day trip cooler backpack though. This was perfect as a parent, as I could bring cooled (or even warm) food and drink when traveling with the kids. My inner spirit also envisioned me sat on a beach somewhere with my husband, child free, enjoying the fact that my backpack was full of alcohol and even had it's own bottle top opener!

I also saw myself walking around the big cities, traveling on the train, sitting in the local park and being able to pull out a nice picnic wherever I was. City chic also offered the backpacks in different prints, but this was our favourite as it resembled the inside a blue moon colours. The one design floor I found though was the front pouch with the magnetic clasp, it doesn't stay closed, so you can risk loosing things when swinging the backpack, leaning over or storing when traveling, it also is probably only designed for food and drink for one or two people so it gets full quickly and while I still use it to bring the baby changing stuff and spare clothes, you have to be quite organised when fitting everything in. The straps are REALLY comfortable, which is great for all day walking as I don't notice the backpack as it's comfortable to carry.

Overall this is a great travel accessory as it's useful! There's nothing more disappointing than a wonderful looking travel utensil and it turns out it's impractical! 

What's your go to travel bag? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was NOT a paid promotion, we are not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in the post and it is our honest review. 

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