Thursday, June 6, 2019

Five Must Visits | Dublin City - Ireland

I had always wanted to visit Ireland. I'd felt a little silly being part Irish and never having gone, so for our Honeymoon we decided this was the place we were going to visit, much to my excitement! For our first trip we decided to be very touristy and visit Dublin city and It was even more spectacular than I expected!

Here are some of the places I recommend visiting....(in no particular order)

- Musashi IFSC Noodle & Sushi bar
Dublin offered a lot in the way of culture, and not just that of Irish culture, but strangely enough a large influence of Asian and French heritage. Bit weird to start with something none Irish, I know, but bare with me... I absolutely love sushi, and I've had some amazing sushi in my short time on earth, but never would I have thought that I would be saying "the best sushi I've ever had was in Dublin!" 
Now before you say "seriously, I hate sushi!" That's absolutely fine, try the noodles, or many other things not sushi or noodle related on the menu. I wish I could have tried everything, but unfortunately my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Maybe next time?

- Dublin Castle
Don't let it fool you from the outside, while this "modest" castle sits like a large manor estate, once you enter, you realize how very wrong you are!! Inside, the rooms have exquisite attention to detail when it comes to architecture, making you feel romance and childhood wonder simultaneously. Each room is completely different from the next and you will remember it like your first childhood crush.

The Leprechaun MuseumYep, you read that right. A museum about leprechauns, after all, it is Ireland! This place is fun for all ages, with a tour guide for each group, you will be guided around this non-traditional, semi-interactive museum and told wonderful leprechaun folk tales (or are they?).
At one point we even became leprechaun sized! You wont want it to end. It's so much fun!

- The Famine Memorial Statues
Even if you're not actively looking for them, chances are you will stumble upon the haunting statues lined along the inlet of Dublin City. These statues represent those affected by the potatoe blight in the mid 19th century. Along with the statues are cobble stones in the path with names of those who lost their lives or immigrated due to the famine. 

- The Guinness Storehouse Factory
You can't visit Dublin city and not stop at the Guinness Storehouse factory. Spanning 7 levels with its own skytop bar, it's a must see attraction. But word to the wise, set out at least half a day to a full day to see this attraction as there is so much to see and do, you won't want to miss anything (including that free pint at the top!) 

Let me know where I must visit next in Dublin and why you think I should go! I can't wait to hear your experiences! 

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