Thursday, April 11, 2019

Dornoch Beach | Scotland

Imagine a beach that seems to go on as far as the eye can see, there is plenty of open space unfilled by people, dogs are welcome yet the beach is clean, and there is something for everyone. That place you're imagining is Dornoch beach.

Situated along the Dornoch Firth in the North East of Scotland, Dornoch beach has something for everyone. This picturesque beach sits near Dornoch golf course and Caravan and Camping grounds. The beach itself spans for miles along the sea front laying host to white sand and an array of sea life that occasionally washes ashore or rock pool. 

On its warmest and sunniest days of the year you would be forgiven for thinking you were not in Scotland anymore but instead somewhere exotic!

It's a peaceful place, that even during its peak times, does not feel crowded and despite it being a popular dog friendly beach, it should not put you off as there is no sign of muck to be found anywhere! 
On the day of our visit in spring, it was a warm but breezy affair. We were lucky enough to catch some sun as early April in Scotland one never knows if you're going to have sun or snow (usually the latter). To get to this lovely part of the beach we had to go through the main road of Dornoch and turn right in the town center following the small white sign for "beach" where a long windy road takes us through the golf course and past the seaside campgrounds. If you follow the road completely through you will find parking close to the beach atop the dunes where there are a few picnic benches for those who wish to snack amongst the beautiful view. 
We then ventured down the dunes through thick white sand, towards the sound of waves creating vines of seafoam across the shore. Little treasures could be found all along the beach, from shells and seaweeds to evidence of crab and other sea life. 

The children were most fascinated with the wind surfers that had arrived for the small waves and wind on our glorious Spring afternoon. The great thing about Dornoch beach is, that even with this entertainment there was plenty of open space still available due to its vast size. 

After a nice long walk, wave jumping and a clothing change for the smallest human (she fell in and covered herself in most of the ocean), we took to the relatively new play park built between the beach and the camp grounds. The park is situated amungst the sand and made from wood in keeping with the beach aesthetic. There is something for all ages of children, but I will note, I felt that children with disabilities had been slightly overlooked. While there is a fair amount to play on of different structure, none of this is really accessible with a limited mobility. 

Another thing to note is that the public toilets on the beach arent always open, but there are toilets two minutes drive away in the town centre. Be prepared to pay a small fee though, as I was caught out and had to run back to the car, on the plus side it's the first public toilet I've come across that takes card or cash! But I do hope the money is well spent on freshening up the toilets soon, as they are alot to be desired for the 50p charge per entry. 

Despite this, Dornoch beach never fails to reward those who visit. We are always sad to leave but happy to have stopped by. Until we meet again, Dornoch beach. 

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