Wednesday, February 8, 2017


- 2 Ear Hooks -
- 4 Moonstone Tumble Chip Beads -
- 70x0.7mm Head Pins or longer - 
- Round Nose Pliers -
- Side Cutting Pliers -
- Normal and Wide Flat Nose Pliers -

Step 1.  Curl your first head pin into a large swirl with your flat nose pliers. Then loop the end.
You should have something like above.
Step 2. Take a second head pin and snip the head off with your side cutting pliers, bend it in half so it has equal sides. Pinch 1/3 of the way down so that it leaves a small loop hole and slide through your first swirl like pictured above.
Step 3. This is where it starts to get a bit more tricky. DON'T TAKE THE PIN BACK OUT I've only pictured it solo on the left so you can see how I curled it as it's very fiddly to do while attached to the largo circular swirl we made in step one. You should be able to curl both sides so you've made a *cough cough* phallic type shape. Your end result should look like the above photo on the right.
Step 4. You will now need to fold the phallic shape upward to a close, leaving enough room to repeat step three so it looks like the photo on the left below.
Step 4. Take a forth head pin and cut off the head with your side cutters and make a an eye loop on the end of it. Slide two moonstones or any stones of your choice, cut the remaining length of pin leaving just enough to close it with another eye loop and connect it to your chain of swirls like above right. 
Step 5. Lastly take your ear hook and attach it to the eye loop above your stones to finish the earring. Repeat from step 1 to create a pair.

Too much hassle to make? 
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