Sunday, January 1, 2017


It's January 1st again!? How did this happen? I can still recall last new years like it was yesterday and now we're already in 2017! I know most of us were ready to give up 2016 though, it seemed like the year of death with the amount of talent and even personal losses we were faced with. Political "deaths" and what felt like utter chaos at times. A lot of us were left both mentally and physically beaten by 2016. I have mixed emotions about it myself, with so much bad and then a burst of light came 11 days before the end of the year with the birth of our beautiful little girl.

Meet Willow Rose Campbell-Smith
Born 20th December 2016

  1. Have a smooth birth experience
    We did it! I had a relatively smooth delivery of our second child on the 20th of December 2016. I went into labour on the evening of the 19th after my waters broke naturally, which may I add is nothing like how they portray in the movies, and while I did end up having an epidural around 6 or more hours in, after 20 hours of labour she managed to arrive without any struggle, tearing, or intervention. 
  2. Enjoy Christmas
    Oh boy did I enjoy Christmas! It was a relaxed affair, maybe not for my husband who did all the cooking, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. We all casually sat around the living room rather than formally eating at the table. Lots of giggles and games. Good food, gifts and company. Willow was passed around like pass the parcel, I loved watching everyone trying to get as much cuddle time as they possibly could before someone nudged them saying "can I hold her now?
  3. Post all our Christmas Cards in time!
    First year I've managed this, can't believe I did it while being pregnant and then giving birth. I put it down to the system I created in order to get them all together in time and successfully posted. Want to know the secret formula? Check out how I managed to post all of my Christmas Cards in time here.
  1. Keep up the blog posts
    I posted 2 blog posts in December.... so no didn't keep this goal. 
  2. Have a little bit of the load taken off me
    While the blog posts were pretty much non existent, The wonderful Shanna did manage to keep our Inside a Blue Moon facebook page updated, which I know you all appreciated. Thank you Shanna

  1. Get back to my Jewellery Business.
    One of the reasons I started this blog with my sisters was so I can show people my Jewellery creations (Before you say anything Jewelry = USA. Jewellery = UK spellings) and possibly start teaching others how to make these creations too. But I can only do that if I can get back into my office and start creating again. 
  2. Recover from giving birth.
    Even though I had a smooth delivery, giving birth to a baby still takes a lot out of you. I did end up pulling a few muscles in my stomach from pushing and separating the muscles in the middle of my stomach which over time will fix itself (with a little help from gentle exercise). This might take longer than a month though. 
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3. Continue to breastfeed.
With my first child I hated breastfeeding, I'm still not impressed with it, I'm never going to be one of those people who "loves" breastfeeding and thinks it's the best thing in the world, blah blah blah. I didn't have much trouble per-say with the actual breastfeeding the first time, I was suffering from PPD and our son was constantly attached to my chest, he liked to feed for comfort and would not let me put him down to sleep, this constant demanding and not being able to sleep made me resent him for being continually stuck to me like a parasite. I was in pain from a c-section gone bad which added to the discomfort. All of this just contributed to me expressing and formula feeding (mixed feeds) and then eventually giving up on expressing as it was inconvenient and just switching to formula all together. This time I had a bit more trouble with the actual breastfeeding but I've managed to push through it as mentally and physically I am fine, probably because I didn't have a crappy delivery experience and have not been left crippled by it like last time. So far I have managed to get through that horrible first week of excruciating nipple pain, I've survived mastitis, which fingers crossed I've learned how to prevent from ever happening again, so why stop now? I'm not having to pay almost £10 every 4 days for formula, while I do have to sterilize things like the breast pump and bottles etc. I don't really have to take those things with me every time I go out, or worry I didn't bring enough. I'm producing enough milk that we've already managed to freeze a reserve. So in the long run it's actually going pretty well. Which I'm kind of surprised at. Now to see how long I can keep it up? 

  1. Post more!
    I actually do have a lot to post topic wise, but I'm letting not only myself but all of you down by not making the time to post these on a regular basis. I promise at some point I will get the formula to managing our blog completely down. 
  2. Not take so long to research topics.
    You might be surprised to learn that we actually have a ton of blog posts in our drafts just waiting to be finished. Why you ask? Because of research. Sometimes posts require back up data that you can prove during a post, not after when challenged. If the post is about fashion we have to research the current retail price verses where we bought it, locations of where you can purchase both in the UK and USA. If it's about a specific topic like, say pregnancy, we have to look up statistics, links to information and facts etc. Balance up the statistics and facts by making sure more than one intel can confirm the data etc. All of this takes time, a lot of time, sometimes more time than I really want to spend on a blog post. But the journalist in me loves hunting down the information, my numb bottom and strained eyes on the other hand don't love it as much. 

What are you January Goals or should I say New Years Resolutions? 


  1. 1. Get back in shape: have started towards this goal by purchasing Joe Wicks' (the body coach) three books. Healthier diet and more regular exercise here I come. First HIIT (high intensity interval training) session tomorrow at 6.30am through his live Facebook feed.

    2. Research and plan activities in Prague: my wondeful husband bought me a trip away to Prague for my 30th birthday including a stay in a 5 star hotel. So excited! As he knows I enjoy planning he has left that side to me so now I just need to decide where we will be visiting when we are there.

    3. Continue studying towards my professional exams: results for my first paper are due end of January by which point I'll have started studying towards my second exam at the start of March

    1. I'm actually loving your workout choices. I've been doing the Fitness Marshal on youtube, but spend most of my time laughing at him.

      Wish I was coming with you to Prague! But I wont as that would probably make the trip awkward haha.

      You just whizz through these exams like a boss! Seriously though, super woman!

  2. 1. Finish my drafted blog posts! Like you, I have so many I want to post but just haven't taken the time to finish them... which takes me to...

    2. Make more time to enjoy the things I love. Slow down and just enjoy. This is important in order to increase my personal happiness.

    3. Complete Whole30! I bought the book, the cookbook, and the audiobook. I need to get this extra weight off me. (I also wish to blog about my journey)

    4. Visit Scotland (this is also part of #2). It's been a while since I've seen my family & my sister just had a new baby... ��

    5. Go back to school and finish my degree.

    1. Haha yes, draft blog posts everywhere!
      Personal happiness should always be a priority, life is too short!
      Yasss blog about fitness, love it!
      Not sure you'll get this visit done in a month but liking the whole new year outlook.
      No on can take your education from you that's what's so great about it.