Sunday, December 11, 2016


It's a little late I know!
We're almost half way through December and I've only just gotten around to updating the blog! Where is the time going? It was only yesterday the leaves were changing to their bright orange and reds, laying out crispy carpets upon the pavement and pumpkins lining each door! Now it's Christmas lights, sprinkles of snow here and there and the same Christmas song playing on the radio over and over again! I think I'm in a bit of denial that it's the end of the year already so I have not allowed December to sink in until now. Which is why you are getting the December goals and November recap a week and a half to two weeks in rather than the first week of December.

  1. Stop Doubting What I Want To Do
    I'd love to say I stopped this, but I didn't really. I managed to doubt somewhat less. It's a work in progress that will take longer than a month me thinks!
  2. Learn The Basics In BSL (British Sign Language)
    We know the whole alphabet, which helps when you don't know a sign for something! I can have the shortest conversation in history, so it's getting there. I just need to stick at it. It's been a big help that I've been learning it both with my son and husband which has kept me motivated and made it easier to practice.
  3. Get My Energy Back!
    It came, it went again, it came back, and now I've hit the 1 week before my due date and I'm trying to hold on to that energy as much as I can! 
  4. Complete Most Of My DIY Christmas Presents
    Well shoot me, I managed it! Some were bought in the end as worked out cheaper to buy than make (not that I'm cheap *cough cough) but I really enjoyed making the presents that I did.
  1. Consistent Posts
    Who am I kidding, this happened for all of two weeks haha
  2. Build Up A Following
    This did happen, with what we did manage to keep updated and with some great networking groups via facebook we're slowly but surely going in the right direction!
  3. Get Into A Routine
    Nope, not yet, probably not for the next 6 months to be honest. We'll see, I will try but I'm not going to beat myself up if I do not manage this with a newborn baby...I think I owe myself that much at least. 

  1. Have a smooth birth experience
    For those of you that don't know I'm expecting our second child, due this month on the 18th. My first birth experience I'll just say was not a positive one, so much so I was reluctant when I found out I was pregnant again. But like each baby, each birth and pregnancy is different, it's my goal to make sure this one is a lot smoother than the first!
  2. Enjoy Christmas
    This one should be particularly easy, we'll be surrounded by family, possibly have a new baby in arm? and well, it's Christmas! But there's a possibility it might not be as easy to do as I think, especially if I'm in hospital on Christmas Day, away from my family :( 
  3. Post all our Christmas Cards in time!
    Each year I have trouble managing this, I've usually missed a few, and as we speak we've still not sent any! Fingers crossed they all get there before the day!
  1. Keep up the blog posts
    It's going to be hard I know, trying to keep up with blog posts, advertising, emails, and the rest of life with a newborn and a four year old. I don't expect to keep this goal, but I will definitely try. I also apologise in advance to our regulars if I don't manage it.
  2. Have a little bit of the load taken off me
    After all I'm not the only one posting to this blog? ;) hint hint sisters.


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