Wednesday, November 2, 2016


It occurred to me after stumbling upon a inspirational blog post from Geeky Fashionista that in order to keep up what I want to be a successful blog I really need to stop holding myself back and commit to the whole consistency of posts without "fear that no one is interested" thing. I like to write, I love to be devoted to a blog, but not committing to my goals because I'm worried that nothing will come out of my time spent is holding me (and I know a lot of other bloggers) back!

So from now on to help me commit I'm going to do a monthly goal post. these posts will help me realize and organize what I want personally and blog wise, recap on what I may or may not have accomplished goal wise, help you get to know me a little better and possibly inspire you like Geeky Fashionista did for me. 

| .N.O.V.E.M.B.E.R. | 

  1. Stop Doubting What I Want To Do
    I want to permanently blog and work on my Jewellery ('Jewelry' for those from the US.) making and I need to stop allowing things to get in the way of that.
  2. Learn The Basics In BSL (British Sign Language)
    When I lived in America I learned a little ASL during my last years of High School thanks to a friend getting me into it (Thank you Ali!) I managed to get far enough for a somewhat manageable conversation and then I moved back to the UK where the signing is vastly different. After my first was born I tried to re-learn to help communicate with him as it's beneficial for babies as young as 6 months old for communication and help with speech. Take a look at or if you're interested. But I was silly and mixed both ASL and BSL together, while it worked, it's not practical when speaking to actual deaf people. I've already mastered the British Sign Language Alphabet and a few words here and there but I really would love to be able to have a somewhat basic conversation by the end of this month. Oh and my son has already "out-learned" me on the signing (He's 4!)

  3. Get My Energy Back!
    Don't we all? .... September and October has been filled with flu like colds in not only my house but my whole town, possibly the city, I'm not sure how far it's made it? These things are like "super-colds" stronger than a normal cold, just like the flu but not the flu apparently? (according to Doctors) what's worse is that they are not only back to back but sometimes overlapping each other, thus creating chest infections or pneumonia!  People I know who never get sick have had them back to back like my family so it's knocked everyone for six! It never feels like you quite get over them once they're gone either (if they've really even gone yet) they zap you of so much energy you can't function. I'm due with our second child on December 18th and was not expecting to have used up so much of my energy reserve like I have because of these colds. Anyone got any tips for storing them back up in time for labour!?
  4. Complete Most Of My DIY Christmas Presents
    This year we're going to "Dammit, make the presents, make the presents!" I hope at least one person read that in Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S voice? ( here's a clip just in case. )
    Yeah, for some reason (mainly because of financial issues) I've decided to hand make presents this year, you know, to add to the stress of having a newborn around Christmas.... why am I doing this again?

  1. Consistent PostsRight now, as you may have noticed, I've not been keeping up with the posts consistently. Being the main blogger of the four of us, it falls upon me to both market and manage all our media outlets as well as create posts; and while my older sister is slowly putting future posts in the blog draft bank that she's having to do meticulously via her mobile phone, which takes a lot longer to get right than if she was able to do via a laptop/computer. It's a little hard to upkeep the blog like I want while I'm also running a household and a business. The whole reason we collabed together was so that the burden didn't fall on one person but as life goes one person is always going to be heading up the group from time to time. BUT NO EXCUSES, I've got lots of stuff to write about, I just need to push myself.
  2. Build Up A Following
    We're a fairly new blog and without consistent posts you basically die in the blogging world (Any successful blogger will tell you that) completing my above goal will help towards this one but getting the posts out there like on Grow Your Blog Group and using my marketing tools wisely should in theory help this if I commit to updating (you can see my consistency problem pattern here)
  3. Get Into A Routine
    Right now I'm really struggling with this blog wise, I seem to have a somewhat good routine for everything else except the blog. When I do get the luxury of creating a post it's usually in the evenings when my son has gone to bed, and with a newborn on the way I'm not sure how this is going to work?



  1. Goals for November

    1. Find a good work/life balance: I am now studying and working as well as trying to maintain a family/social life so trying to juggle everything is proving somewhat stressful

    2. Get plenty of sleep: due to number 1, getting plenty of sleep is paramount (although proving easier since the clocks changed)

    3. Find time to play on Ancestry again before my subscription expires: I got a membership last xmas and I don't think I've used it at length since Easter. Number 1 got in the way

    4. Start my xmas shopping: because if I don't do it now, I'll run out of time

    5. Eat less junk food: studying equals crisps. Note to self- stop buying crisps

    1. How are you liking Ancestry? I've heard mixed things about it but enjoyed using the free part of the website.

  2. I love it but not the best for Scottish records. I'm 75% English though so it's all good

    1. I get less English the more I've looked into mine haha

  3. My blogger friend usually blogs on her hand phone while carrying her newborn and taking care of another toddler...its so challenging to do so many things at once, I understand....

    1. For me that wouldn't work, while I think that's great that it's working for her, 1 I don't have a smart phone (for many reasons, which I might explain in a blog post at some point) and 2 (which is technically one of the reasons for no#1) I don't want to be tied to the internet 24/7 which I would let myself be if I blogged on a smart phone, it's easier to be in the moment with my kids if I'm not tempted by checking my smart phone and doing work 24/7.