Monday, September 5, 2016


Mustard and Blue Insulated Gilet:
(no longer on site) 
Matalan similar one at NEXT (UK)
Could not find similar for (USA). 

Blue Jaguar and White t-shirt (No longer available online): H&M (UK) H&M (USA).
Navy Blue Cargo trousers: H&M (UK) H&M (USA).
Leather Mustard Timberland Boots: Timberland (UK) Timberland (USA).

As most parents of toddlers are, we love hard wearing clothes.
Our son almost needs bionic material having worn in more limb

holes than an octopus would need.

Timberland boots are a great hard wearing shoe, made from thick and long

lasting materials which makes them a great investment. I just wish his feet wouldn't
grow out of them so fast! But you can always re-list them on things like Vinted
or craigslist and still get a nice return as they tend to retain a good condition.
I love these cargo trousers from H&M as they seem to be slightly more resistant than

jeans when it comes to wearing in the knee's and how cute is their white and navy
Jaguar shirt? Which is one of our sons favourites. 
To round up the whole outfit is the mustard and navy gilet insulated vest,
offers comfort and warmth on those cooler summer/early autumn days here
in Scotland. Our son hates wearing coats if he doesn't have to so this makes 
him feel less like he's wearing one without compromising his body temp. 
(Even though he'll insist on wearing t-shirts and shorts in snowfall)

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