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Last week a friend of mine posted a status on Facebook something along the lines of

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The feedback from not only the original post but by his friends was phenomenal. It showed how many different styles of people both in moral and design are out there, something I'm already aware of and many others know, now that we have social networking, "more opinions than we can handle". But how does something as simple as a ring divide you?
Upon reading the majority of the comments (yes I'm one of those people) my naturally Aquarian analytic and organizational mind started categorizing and logging how many different types of "ring" people there were.

Here are the main (most popular) of divides. Do you fit in one?

The plain Jane: These are the people that went for the minimalist type of wedding band, most likely didn't have an engagement ring or had the smallest of rock (if there was any) of engagement ring. These people can also double as the more traditional -  traditionalists. 

Traditionalists: Will either have a diamond engagement ring on white gold/gold or no engagement ring. With white gold or yellow gold wedding bands (sometimes with smaller diamonds, usually where an engagement ring is absent)

Modern Traditionalist: These are people who take the traditional and have added the modern twist of an infinity band encrusted with diamonds, and a medium to large rock on their engagement ring, most of the time as a matching set they bought at the same time. These people can sometimes borderline the ego-enhanced traditionalist. 

Ego-Enhanced Traditionalist: They went for money, the most expensive, possibly the biggest diamond or other rock more/equally as expensive. They go for what's on trend at the time also, which can sometimes date without realizing, or at other times just be boring. 

The Wacky Couple: These people went for the most abstract thing they could find, sometimes just so you would never associate them with a traditionalist. Occasionally they may double with the couple who have meaning. But it will never be a diamond, and if, heaven forbid they did choose gold or silver there will be something weird about it, the design, the rock, maybe even the inscription? But chances are they picked a ring made from wood or the hair of their spouse? Either way it can be cool or darn right creepy. Which is fine of course!

The Vintage Seeker: These can be disguised as traditionalists, but usually the pieces will be passed down, be a unique rock shape/stone rather than just a diamond if there is one. There will be more detailing on the metal also and the keeper wont have minded if they had been bought in an antique shop, garage sale, or from your mum, as long as it's vintage. These people are sometimes also the couple who have meaning. 

The couple who have meaning: These people aren't searching for a metal or a price, they are searching for something that will reflect their marriage. So they can sometimes be masked as another category if you don't know the story behind their rings. These rings are usually passed down from family members with good marriage "juju" or a rock symbolizing a birth stone of the spouse, they may have bought the ring from or in a style of where their culture is from, or have a detail or symbol on it that resembles something of good luck to them. This means the rings will come in any shape or form depending on the need of symbolism rather than the need to be fashionable. Which can leave you with something strange and wonderful or something plain but elegant. 

The Boy-cotters: This section should have two sub-categories. The True boy-cotters who refuse to wear rings either because they do not believe in the practice, are appalled at how the metals or rocks are manufactured or refuse to ever believe such a silly thing like a little piece of paper defining whether they should stay together or not (aka. will never marry) or the second category The Fake-Cotters, these are people who want you to believe all of the above but they're too lazy to actually do re-search into why or know why but are just doing it for status. They will tell you they something when in fact they probably have a whole draw full at home, stashed away. (and switch opinions around who they are with)

The I hadn't really thought about it: These people are the people who really don't give a crap, either picked something that looked nice at the shop/online, usually together or separately, didn't care if it was flashy cheap or flashy expensive or not flashy. And probably spent the money on food and a good holiday instead. They may know nothing about rings or why they are worn during marriage anyway? "I aint got time for dat!"

Can you tell what my husband and I fit into? Our rings are photographed above.
My engagement ring was picked by my husband, he chose a Peridot stone for his birthday (it also happens to be our son's birthstone now also) and two Celtic Triquetra's at either side of the stone that mean love, honor and protect. The metal is actually just Stirling silver. Which is great whenever I go up and down in size as it's really cheap to re-size, not sure if that's thrifty or just cheap but hey-ho I still love this ring. My wedding band is from Ireland where my maiden name comes from, this is also where we went on our honeymoon, it's a Celtic infinity knot which symbolizes an everlasting marriage and the metal is white gold. My husbands ring is a plain gold wedding band, it was my grandfathers passed on to my husband from my grandmother as a blessing to our marriage, the ring had almost 50 years of marriage on it before he passed away. So I guess that would make us the "couple with meaning"?

What category do you think you'd fit into? Or Why were the wedding bands you have chosen?
Let us know below!

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