Sunday, August 21, 2016

THIS WEEKS #OOTD - {15th-21st} AUGUST 2016

Acrylic Cardigan: Arista Collection. Under Vest (which you can't really see): 
Haily's by Amazon. Belt: Thrift shop buy. Jeans: JustFab (UK) JustFab (USA.) Loafers: Everything5Pounds.

Chocolate Heather Retrology Longline Drape Cardigan: TK maxx. (UK.) Couldn't find for USA.
"Cable & Gauge" White Crochet Top: TK maxx. (UK.) Century 21. (USA.)
Grey Under Vest (Can't see very well in this photo): Hailys Amazon.
Signature Skinny Jeans: JustFab. (UK.) JustFab (USA.) Sand Colour Boots: JustFab (UK)
(zip ones in photo no longer available but these were almost the same). JustFab. (USA.)

(Excuse the bad quality photo, bad lighting for phone)
Acrylic Cardigan; Arista Collection. White Top: Fat Face.
Necklace: Marks and Spencer's. Grey Under Vest: Hailys by Amazon.
Skinny Jeans: JustFab (UK) JustFab (USA.) Shoes: Thrift shop in Saint Augustine Florida.

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