Monday, August 22, 2016


South Florida Organics Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub. Etsy (UK) Etsy (USA)
South Florida Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub Etsy (UK.) Etsy (USA.)

I'm a little biased as these technically come from my sister but she will tell you "I'm a tough cookie to please with a critique sometimes blunt enough to make a grown man cry" 
So you can rest assured I'm not going to recommend you something if I think it's crap even if my own sister made it. Harsh I know...

A few years ago my sister dabbled into the beauty product industry, selling not buying, not only does she sell, but she hand makes EVERYTHING she sells and better yet it's paraben, alcohol, SLS, and cruelty free AND organic. So organic I'm pretty sure you could eat it, but please don't even though it tastes as good as it smells.

Her scrubs are the most edible, I mean more-ish. They gently exfoliate the skin and there is a vast range to choose from, Black Coffee, Green Tea, Coconut Sugar, Cucumber Mint, which is my husbands favourite, I didn't even get more than two uses as he hogged the stuff, which was great as this guy would smell like a grease oven without her products (he's a chef)
So I think it's safe to say you may need to hide these products from your husbands or boyfriends as they are so addictive that even they want to use them and rightly so, her products aren't sexist so scrub away guys, scrub away!

(Check out her beard oils too, mainly for men but as I said her products aren't sexist I'm sure ladies can find a use for these also, I use it on my *cough cough split ends, but you didn't hear that from me!)

Oh and she ships everywhere in the US and UK! 


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