Saturday, August 20, 2016

Birthday Boy

T-shirt: H&M (since sold out). Jeans: H&M (sold out). Superman Lego Key
Chain Light: Amazon (UK) Amazon (USA).

Lego Superman Keychain: Amazon (UK). Amazon (USA). XBOX 360 Lego Star
Wars The Force Awakens Game: Amazon (UK). Star Trek Book of Opposites:
Amazon (UK). Barnes & Noble (USA). BASTIS Dogs Tail Wall Hook: IKEA (UK.)
  IKEA (USA.) Light Up Light-saber Bubbles: Imperial Toy (UK.) Target (USA.)

T-shirt: Can't remember where we bought it from and couldn't find online
:( Will update if I stumble upon it. Basic White Plate: Tesco (UK) Wal-Mart (USA).
 Kingsmill Scotch Pancakes: Co-op or Tesco (UK) Not available in the US.

Kirkton House Kids Fitted Sheet & Pillow Case Set: ALDI (UK.)
Can't find anywhere for (USA.). Kirkton House Kids Duvet Cover. ALDI (UK.)
Can't find anywhere for (USA). 

Hot Wheels Star Wars Emperor Palpatine Vs. Yoda Cars: Bought in
TK Maxx but not available online. Found various
 on Ebay (UK)  Hot Wheels (USA.)

Marvel Spider Man Polo Shirt: Still looking

Pixar Cars My Busy Book: Bought from TK Maxx but you can
find online at  Amazon (UK) ToysRus (USA.)

White and Blue Polo Shirt: Still looking (will update when found)

Grey Fire Engine Shirt: Think it was Tesco but no longer available.
Ty Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony: Bought at The Range but can
be found online Amazon (UK.) Amazon (USA.)

Our eldest has reached the last toddler year (so to speak) if you're going by UK school terms. 
He has a broad spectrum of interests when it comes to toys and favourite products.
On one end we have a stereotypical boy who is addicted to Pixar Cars, all the MARVEL heroes (mainly Spiderman) and Star Wars; but on the other hand we have the very non-stereotypical boy who has no boundaries of interest when it's colourful or cute, like My Little Pony and fluffy animals and shopping.

We've made sure not to stifle any interests, like labeling something for "girls only" or "boys only" etc. Why should we? If he likes it then he's happy right?

There is plenty of time for peer pressure from other kids teasing him for liking something that is more "girly" than "boyish" and he'll either keep liking the thing and ignore them or decide he doesn't like it anymore, even though I hope he has enough confidence not to be peer pressured.

 A few weeks ago he had a friend 'round (a girl) and he asked for milk, I mistakenly put it in a beaker rather than a cup as even though he can use cups they were being very active and I was worried about spillage. When I handed him the sippy cup of milk the girl laughed and said "Why do you like milk, are you a baby?" he stared her straight down and said (okay, slightly raised his voice) "I am not a baby and I still like milk!" He didn't let her talk him into giving up milk even when she continued to point out it was "for babies" after all, this was something she'd obviously been told by someone else (usually an adult) but he wasn't going to let this effect him.
I guess it's one good thing of having such a stubborn child. 

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