Thursday, August 25, 2016


Wellies from The Original Factory Shop (UK)
(No longer available on line) Can't find for (USA) 

Our son goes through shoes and trousers quite quickly (as most kids do). It's taken me awhile to come to terms with throwing things out I can't recycle, upcycle or sell on, but I also HATE having a cluttered house. But when it comes to the garden, we are always in need of planters.

When our son grew out of his favourite pair of wellies, that to be fair had holes in and nearly all the extra little details missing, I was in two minds about throwing them out, especially with the four year old crying "No! Not my favourite wellies!".
 I'd remembered seeing somewhere someone using them as hanging baskets. Probably pinterest? And thought I'd try my hand at converting them into planters. So I did!

What I used:
1 pair of old crocodile wellies.

A bread knife (very tough to cut through)

Potting soil for all types of plants.
Seeds (I chose Strawberry's and radishes) 

I took out the insoles of the shoes, then noted the hole shape of the "mouth" I was going to create, you need a hole at the bottom for drainage, so it's good to have even a few small holes even if you're just wanting plants to pop out of the top of the wellie instead of both the bottom and the top otherwise water will accumulate inside the shoe and will rot the roots of the plant.

Second I found a utensil that would cut through the shoe. This can be tricky as wellies are usually quite tough. I don't know how my son had created holes in them as I could barely get any sharp object to penetrate the exterior of that rubber? I ended up using a bread knife in a saw like action being careful not to saw straight through and completely cut the end off, I then gently skinned the end of the shoe to create the half moon mouth shape.

When this was done I filled the shoe with soil and planted my seeds, watering them. You can also plant pre-grown flowers/herbs/veggies/fruits remembering to water them after transfer into the shoe.
If you're using seeds remember to follow directions on seed packet.

Once they've grown you end up with some quirky looking planters, especially if they have eyes like ours. Our son thinks they're pretty cool. 

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