Saturday, November 4, 2017

Well it's November, how did that happen? It almost feels like this year never started so how could it be finishing already? It's not been the greatest of years for many people it seems. We've had our fair share of ups and downs. It also feels a bit like a "can't be ar$ed" year. Where many of us just couldn't find the energy to GO. We're hoping that next year proves to be a lot different but there is still two months left of 2017. That's right, only two months!? 


  1. Keep it going 
              We're doing it.
  2. Create more posts inspired by what I've been up to.

  1. Watch one Halloween/Horror movie per night for the whole of October.
               You read that right. Each year my husband and I challenge ourselves to watch a scary movie per night with each other for the month of Halloween. We managed to do it. Check out our list here and grab the freebie for next year. 
  2. Finish Halloween Costumes in time for Halloween.
         Well, I finished the kids Halloween costumes.
  3. Complete some of the baby scrapbooks.
                Nope, still need to do this.  


  1. Keep on Keeping on.
               Sounds a bit silly, but this is always a monthly goal whether listed or not. Keep up the posts.
  2. Remember to take photos of things I can post up on the blog (before's and afters) 
               You wont believe the number of times I've done some DIY etc around the house, encountered something to blog about while out and about and I forget to take photos! 
  3. Keep track of photos you've taken. 
                My other problem is finding the one's I've taken... 

  1. Keep up my cardio and weight lifting.
               For awhile now I've been going to the gym or doing some form of exercise every night/day to help get into and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's paid off, I've gone from a size 22 to a size 14 and feel a lot stronger and resistant when it comes to life. 
  2. Figure out what exactly I'm doing with my life.
               This seems like a much bigger goal for just one month I must admit but I have to start somewhere. I've hit a wall in this particular time of my life where I feel I'm just stood still and I do not like it. I like to be moving forward, after all, movement saves lives, and this is true in almost all cases. By all means stop and smell the roses, but you still remember to pay attention to all the other things around you. While I love being a mum, I want to show them I'm much more than that. I love learning and building upon my foundations and right now I feel like I have nothing to help me move in the direction I would like to go, for them as well as me. So I'm challenging myself to figure out what it is I want and how I'm going to get it and then I'm going to work towards getting it. 
  3. Start teaching the kids French.
                Random goal I know, but for us it's not as random as it may appear. Both my husbands side of the family and my side of the family speak or are French so it would seem only natural that in our French and English speaking families that our kids would also be able to communicate to our French speaking counterparts. Besides, it's a good skill to have under your belt, you never know when you may need it? 

What are your goals this Month? 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Life changes

This time of the year, so much seems to change. Am I the only one who feels this way? It's like the universe seems to shift. Not only are the leaves changing colors, the weather cooling down, happiness takes over (Christmas is coming!)... something always happens to me! Last year, my in-laws moved in with us (talk about an adjustment.. however, that's a story for another day). The year before that, we began preparing to begin a HUGE renovation on our home. This year? Well, this year my career is taking a turn in a completely different direction.

I began writing a blog about happiness in the workforce and obviously haven't finished it. For years I have been trying to figure out what my passion is. Since the age of 19, I have been working with individuals with special needs. In 2014, I began working as a behavioral therapist for a company that specialized in early intervention. I loved my job! Sure, it had it's downfalls but I really loved my job. In addition, I worked in the administrative office as a receptionist, then promoted to what one could consider as a human resource generalist (in the cooperate world). A year later I decided that I would focus on the office and left the field.

Over the following two years, the business began to grow. I have seen this company become what it is today and feel so honored to have been a part of the process. I learned SO much. Being in the field was one thing but getting to really experience "behind the scenes" was simply amazing. The experience really helped me to figure out exactly what I wanted to do.

Three and a half years in, I decided that it was time for a change. You know the feeling, I'm sure. The stress, anxiety... it can, at times, just be too much. I was offered a deal I couldn't refuse and again, It was time for a change. After making my final decision, I remember being so... scared. Nervous. Change. Oh goodness... that's almost worse than Fredy or Jason showing up in my closet! I've never been big on change. It makes me come unraveled!

You've got to push yourself. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how good this is for ME. Change is GOOD. I LOVE working with kids. I love working with developmental disabilities. Period. However, working with children really is something special. AND, I'm good at it. Being offered a better position, back out if the field, pushed me to accept the change that was so desperately needed. The best part? It truly is my passion.

I guess where I am going with this is that change is imperative. You don't have to be okay with it but you must understand that it is going to happen. Just as the leaves begin to change in the fall, the weather heats and cools.. change is going to happen. You know something? I'm okay with that.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Spiced Pumpkin Dip

Alright y'all, it's that time of the year again! If I may be honest, it's truly my favorite! The fresh smelling fall air, the beautiful changing colors, cooler weather... YASSSS! However, let's not forget the most important of them all... PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Yes, I am a "basic white girl loving pumpkin spice everything" type of gal. I can't help it. Today, I would like to share one of my favorite fall desert recipes with you. Spiced Pumpkin Dip. 

I think I origionally got the recipe from a page on FaceBook but for the life of me I can't think of the name. Either way, I had to make a few tweeks to it to get it just how I like it. Below is my own take on how the dip should be made. 

Now, please, go to your grocery store, pick up the ingredients, and try it for yourself! If you're a pumpkin lover, I promise you that this will be a huge hit. I'm always open to recipe tweeks so if you have an idea, please feel free to drop a comment below! 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

October Goals + September Recap

It's October, time for all you pumpkin spice freaks to come out of hiding (I'm one of them, don't hate me!) Autumn is in the air, leaves are turning, wind is blowing, evening showers and orange glows scattering the tree's. My favourite thing about Autumn is the fact that I can dress how I would want to dress all year; boots, scarf, possible over-sized jumper or coat with jeans. I need not want for anything else. The only problem is October seems to be another one of those busy months for me. I've left all the Halloween costumes too late, people are already putting up tweets about having finished their Christmas shopping and I'm freaking out that I've wanted to make most of mine and I now have barely any time to do it, my kids have more parties to go to than I've been in 5 years, and the list keeps growing! Speaking of lists this month is going to be a great one for them, you'll see below in the October Goals. 


  1. Not to abandon blog 
             I've managed to keep it up so far, slowly building on the posts.
  1. Not be afraid to let my personal life influence my blog posts
             Working on this still but with posts about the Hurricane it's kind of personal. 
  2. Stay Motivated
              When it comes to life, I'm always needing that extra push. I'm finding new ways to keep me motivated everyday, from inspiring mantras to treats (healthy) and much more which will most likely end up influencing my blog posts.


  1. Keep it going 
              Seems a bit silly but I feel like this kind of goal is going to be on every months list don't you? I look forward to the day it doesn't need to be there.
  2. Create more posts inspired by what I've been up to.

  1. Watch one Halloween/Horror movie per night for the whole of October.
               You read that right. Each year my husband and I challenge ourselves to watch a scary movie per night with each other for the month of Halloween. Check out the list here (we'll update per day)
  2. Finish Halloween Costumes in time for Halloween.
  3. Complete some of the baby scrapbooks.
                Really want to finish them for our kids. 

What are your goals this month?


Each year my husband and I challenge ourselves to watch a horror/scary/halloween themed movie for each day of the October month. It's something I look forward to each year. We mix in some classics that we've seen many times before with some new. Basically we just love being scared to death for the whole of October. As a parent I don't get much sleep anyway so I don't have to worry about being too scared to shut my eyes.... 

RATINGS: *Never again **Corny ***Classic/Potential **** I was scared/would watch again ***** Uncomfortably Good 

1st. - Stephan King's IT Part One Kids acting is much better than the adults **
2nd. - Stephan King's IT Part Two 6 guys 1 woman **
3rd. - American Horror Story Cult Well this is too real for comfort  ****
4th. - Blair Witch (2016) Lots of running around the same patch of forest. *
5th. - El Bar (The Bar) Don't care that it's in another language from my own, this movie is great. ****
6th. - Area 51 (2016) I have spotted so many plot holes in your theory.... like no, that would not work. *
7th. - Society lol don't eat while watching this **
8th. - Gerald's Game You think it's a thriller, it's so much more than that! You're not real. ****
9th. - Stephan Kings Cat's Eye I'm starting to think it's not a coincidence about the cat.. **
10th. - MAMA Oh my goodness that's not how I wanted it to end. ****
11th. - FAILED (so tomorrow we do two)  CLUE apparently it counts due to it being a murder mystery. ***
12th. - Before I Wake Not sure I'm uncomfortable because of the script or because of the acting? ***
14th. - American Horror Story Cult  How many shootouts have possibly ended like this? ****
15th. - The Exorcist Season 2 lots of hands, something to do with hands? ***
16th. - Annabelle  Enter with pram, leave without pram.... why does this bug me? ***
17th. - Phantasm Ewoks and music from Halloween? **
18th. - The Exorcist Season 2 They go out walking after midnight in the moonlight ***and a half
19th. - Crimson Peak Apparently when you die you get really long phalanges. ****
20th. - American Horror Story Cult You ARE Scum *** and a half
21st. - As Above So Below I wonder how many times they filmed different scenes in the same tunnel? 
22nd. - The Boy Still don't trust the food guy. ***
23rd. - My Bloody Valentine  If she flicks her hair one more time... **
24th. - (Forgotten what we watched will update when I remember haha)
25th. - Gone Girl Well, she's nuts.... ***
26th. - Stranger Things Series 2
27th. - 
28th. - 
29th. - 
30th. -Stranger Things Series 2
31st. - 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Beaded Blood Choker Necklace

It's that time of year again! 
To celebrate and get us all in the Halloween mood, I've created some blood drip choker necklaces available for purchase here and here. Hurry though as I've only made three of each and they will go fast! 

If you want a tutorial for this necklace please leave a comment below and I'll be happy to create a tutorial for those of you who would like to make your own. 

Buy here.

Both necklaces are silver plated with Stirling Silver clasps and chain. They are around 40-45cm in length give or take with the adjustable chain. The clear non stretch cord gives the illusion of a slit throat bleed. Great for Halloween or those who like something a little different. 

Buy them both here and here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How You Can Help - Hurricane Aftermath

It's here. It's big. It's Hurricane Season.
This post is not surprising with everything going on in the West at the moment. Even those in parts of the world who've never even experienced a hurricane are aware of the devastating effects of a Hurricane due to the widespread of news from our modern day technology.
With that comes the outpour of those that want to help those in need of help but do not know how.
We're here to narrow down what you can do whether you're right there on the scene or millions of miles away in another country. 

Remember, do your own research before donating to a group. Groups with local ties to their community where the disaster has affected are usually best. You have the right to demand accountability of the groups.


It's best to look up local food banks of area affected.

 (We will try to update this post as much as possible)