Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How You Can Help - Hurricane Aftermath

It's here. It's big. It's Hurricane Season.
This post is not surprising with everything going on in the West at the moment. Even those in parts of the world who've never even experienced a hurricane are aware of the devastating effects of a Hurricane due to the widespread of news from our modern day technology.
With that comes the outpour of those that want to help those in need of help but do not know how.
We're here to narrow down what you can do whether you're right there on the scene or millions of miles away in another country. 

Remember, do your own research before donating to a group. Groups with local ties to their community where the disaster has affected are usually best. You have the right to demand accountability of the groups.


It's best to look up local food banks of area affected.

 (We will try to update this post as much as possible)

Monday, September 4, 2017

DIY Burlap Planter

- Burlap cord (found in most garden or hardware stores)
- A hot glue gun
- A pale/plant pot
- *Decorative plant (if this is what you're going to use your wrapped pot for)

Use a hot glue gun and glue a small amount on to your planter as you're wrapping the cord around. This part takes the longest.  Be careful not to burn yourself  but work quickly as the glue dries quickly. 

 Once you're finished wrapping your planter in the burlap you may cut your cord and glue the end.

 You are welcome to add any decorative plant of your choosing. I found this one at IKEA for a very reasonable price. 

Happy Planting!

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Why have there been no posts for so long? Where are you?
I know, I know, I know, I hear you! We effectively abandoned the blog after drowning in our mundane yet busy lives. Work and family take precedence when blogging isn't your main line of existence as much as I would like it to be. I could write for hours, scratch that, I HAVE written for hours! Usually about spew no one wants to read about. As a pre-teen I use to fantasize about becoming a documentary or column writer, a journalist. Writing things that readers would seek out for, hang on every print while they lift their specs and wet their lips with coffee. Pre-teen me wanted to be a lot of things, she was an ambitious girl who couldn't decide which direction to throw her ambition at. Adult me also wants to be, do and see a lot of things too. Hence why there is barely ever a set topic to our blog posts. As sisters we are very much alike in the way we are so interchangeable all the time. Whizzing through many subjects, many adventures that take our fancy. How can one have so much passion over so many different things? Well, it spreads you thin. (fnarr fnarr) no, lets be serious for a minute. That exact reason, being spread thinly over everything, is why unfortunately, the blog has taken a backseat. There is never enough time in one's day to fit, or write about, everything that we do or want to do. I've found myself up at 4 in the morning having not yet gone to bed writing. Maybe because of a blog post, maybe a diary entry, most of the time emails. But the fact remains that somehow in our 24 hour day, we must sleep? WHY!? Why oh why? I do not want to sleep! It is a waist of my formidable time! Don't get me wrong, I love sleep, but only because I need it. I do not think I would give a thought to sleep if I never felt tired? If I never needed it in the first place? I've always found I've never had enough time in life. Never enough hours in the day, days in the week, months in a year. I always need more time. More time for detail, more time for discovery, more time for documenting it all. So for that I am very sorry, as much as it is all one BIG excuse. Alas, it is an excuse that is true. 


  1. Not to abandon blog 
             Going so well so far, one post.... I will try not to leave you all so long between the posts. 
  1. Not be afraid to my personal life influence my blog posts. 
  2. Stay Motivated

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Devine dessert wine

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Sweet dessert wine is produced with extra sweet wine grapes. In order to make them sweet, the fermentation is stopped before the yeast turns all the natural grape sugar into alcohol. I'm the kind of girl who would much rather sit with a tasty glass of wine instead of indulging in a piece of pie any day. In this post, I'll share my favorites. 

While there are hundreds of different types of dessert wines available on the market, most fall into 5 main styles. Sparkling, Light & Sweet, Rich & Sweet, Sweet Red and Fortified. The two bottles shown above are delicious AND inexpensive!

With these wines, excellence is delivered in small doses—in stark contrast to the appetite of today, where the crowd demands that excess must come in excessive amounts. Now, the bottles shown above will be a bit more expensive but you must try it at least once. Trust me. You'll thank me later. 

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Total Wine & get shopping! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


- 2 Ear Hooks -
- 4 Moonstone Tumble Chip Beads -
- 70x0.7mm Head Pins or longer - 
- Round Nose Pliers -
- Side Cutting Pliers -
- Normal and Wide Flat Nose Pliers -

Step 1.  Curl your first head pin into a large swirl with your flat nose pliers. Then loop the end.
You should have something like above.
Step 2. Take a second head pin and snip the head off with your side cutting pliers, bend it in half so it has equal sides. Pinch 1/3 of the way down so that it leaves a small loop hole and slide through your first swirl like pictured above.
Step 3. This is where it starts to get a bit more tricky. DON'T TAKE THE PIN BACK OUT I've only pictured it solo on the left so you can see how I curled it as it's very fiddly to do while attached to the largo circular swirl we made in step one. You should be able to curl both sides so you've made a *cough cough* phallic type shape. Your end result should look like the above photo on the right.
Step 4. You will now need to fold the phallic shape upward to a close, leaving enough room to repeat step three so it looks like the photo on the left below.
Step 4. Take a forth head pin and cut off the head with your side cutters and make a an eye loop on the end of it. Slide two moonstones or any stones of your choice, cut the remaining length of pin leaving just enough to close it with another eye loop and connect it to your chain of swirls like above right. 
Step 5. Lastly take your ear hook and attach it to the eye loop above your stones to finish the earring. Repeat from step 1 to create a pair.

Too much hassle to make? 
Want to buy these earrings or others like them?
 Visit the Blue Moon shop!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of my top two natural remedies that I use every day along with my coconut oil obsession.  I recommend it to my friends and family and use it personally for several reasons including detoxification, improved digestion and for a quick burst of energy. Also, apple cider vinegar has many uses for personal care reasons like conditioning my hair, whitening my teeth and as a household cleaner.
  • One of my favorite apple cider vinegar uses is to soothe a sunburn. Living in Florida, I deal with this quite often. Put 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in a lukewarm bath along with 1/4 cup of coconut oil. 
  • Apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural teeth whitener. Take your finger and rub apple cider vinegar on your teeth for 1 minute.  Then rinse mouth out with water.  The pH of apple cider vinegar can remove stains from your teeth which helps naturally whiten.
  • Apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural hair conditioner and makes your hair shine naturally!  Take an old shampoo bottle or spray bottle and fill it will 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water.  You can pour or spray this on your hair after shampooing three times per week for best results.
  • As you may already know, bad bacteria and yeast are a major cause of body odor.  The armpit can stay damp which also makes it a breading ground for bad bacteria. By simply dabbing some apple cider vinegar into your armpit you can kill yeast and neutralize odors, keeping you smelling fresh all day
  • Use it as a facial tonerThe pH of apple cider vinegar makes it an excellent remedy for skin issues. 
  • Acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar can not only detox your body from the inside out but it can speed up your metabolism, balance blood sugar, and improve diabetes. Put apple cider vinegar on salads or consume 1 tablespoon in water before meals.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Roscoes adoption story

Beginning the search for the most perfect pup can be overwhelming, but one thing is definitely a very simple choice to make: adopting a pup is a much better idea than purchasing one. There are countless reasons to choose adoption over buying from a pet store or a breeder, but here is my number one reason:

Adoption saves lives
It's absolutely tragic how many potential pets are put down each year simply because there isn't enough space for them at a shelter. About 2.7 million dogs are euthanized each year due to overcrowded shelters. Each time someone adopts from a private humane society or animal shelter, rescue group, or the local animal control agency, that's one more free spot and one more chance at life. Adopt. Don't shop. 

My adoption story:

I would like to happily introduce you to my to my baby boy. Roscoe is my little "human". My spoiled little "human". I love this little guy so much it's disgusting. Roscoe was adopted into our family in April of 2016. My boyfriend and I had just finished the renovations on our home and were ready to add to our family. Since neither of us are ready for children yet we decided that a furry family member would be best.

Roscoe's first trip to the park with his new Humans. 
He loves visiting with other furry friends.

Roscoe's story: 

Scrolling one Sunday afternoon through a Facebook group I came across a woman who was looking to re-home her fostered 4-ish year old Shih-Tzu. I reached out immediately. She sent me pictures and I fell in love. I had no idea what his personality would be like, all I knew was that he was meant to be with us. We sent her pictures of our home and gave her references. After speaking on the phone and about an hour later (Around 1:00 pm) we were in the car beginning our 5 1/2 hour trip to Jacksonville, Florida. We met with his Foster at a park and immediately fell in love. His Foster gave us his vaccination records, some potty pads, food, two small toys, and one month flea/ heart worm prevention. We took him home that day. 

He was scared. Shaking most of the way home. At one point I even think I saw a tear. This broke my heart. It took him a few days to warm up to his new home but bonded with us almost immediately. Roscoe's foster had him on a pet insurance plan that was transferred into my name so we booked him a vet appointment immediately just to be safe. Roscoe checked out fabulously. 

We learned early on that Roscoe HATES cages. Anytime he sees another animal in a kennel, cage, or glass enclosure he tries to break them out. His first time to the groomers they took him right back and had him ready to go in no time at all. However, the second time we took him to the groomer there was a wait. I had to get to work so I dropped him off as it was only a half day and I would be back within a few hours. People drop their pets off at the groomers all the time! What could possibly go wrong?

I called within the hour to see how he was doing and thats when I was told that Roscoe was not having a good time. He had been hyperventilating, knocked over the water bowl, was throwing himself against the door, crying, and had thrown up... I was in shock and immediately ready to drop everything at work to go and get him. The woman was very sweet and had told me she taken him out of the kennel and kept him up front with her until the groomers were ready for him. This put me at ease but I decided in that moment that it would be the very last time he would ever look at a kennel if I could help it. We now have someone come to the house to groom him, groom him ourselves, or ensure he will not be placed into a kennel if we take him to the groomers. There's a wait? I will wait with him. This incident reminded me that he's a rescue and made me think what on earth happened to him to make him react to a kennel the way he did. I probably will never know and maybe that's a good thing. So far, having someone come to the house has been successful. He truly loves to be pampered. Metrosexual if you will. 

He loves to snuggle. He loves people watching; He will sit on the porch or in a park with you all day long and people watch. He loves kids! The first time he had a baby pull his hair he let out a little yelp before rolling over onto his back and putting his paws in the air in surrender (insert "Awhhhh" moment). He loves playing with other animals and seriously gets along with EVERYONE. His personality is absolutely amazing. 

We are so unbelievably lucky to have him in our life and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Adopting is such a beautiful thing. 

Now I will overload you with cuteness:


Left: Roscoe snuggling with Daddy 
Center: Roscoe enjoying the ride down to Key West, Florida 
Right: Roscoe enjoying a lazy Sunday.

Above: Roscoe showing off his new haircut


Left: Roscoe doing what he loves best 
Right: Roscoe helping Daddy move boxes

Above: This was sent to me while I was at work. This is where he waits for me to get home.

Left: My furry nugget and I.
Right: I have no caption for this. I don't even know what their doing (LOL) 

Okay, enough pictures. It's obvious we're proud parents to a rescued furry baby <3

If you have your own rescue story, I'd love to hear from you!